Snehidhi is an association for adolescent girls initiated by the Centre for Women's Development and Research (CWDR) in our working areas, comprising nearly 3000 members. Through Snehidhi, the CWDR educates and empowers adolescent girls.
Snehidhi provides:
  • Life skills and health training, sexuality education .
  • Sexual abuse awareness and prevention training.
  • Vocational skills training, including computer skills, tailoring, and handicrafts.
  • Training in traditional folk music, dance, and drama.
  • Supplementary education support and leadership training.

Snehidhi members are motivated to become involved in their communities through participation in CWDR development activities. Members have performed in street plays and community outreach programmes related to women rights, girl childrens' education, and health education. The CWDR runs Learning Resource Centres for adolescent girls, bringing about a newsletter "Snehidhi" and a website which is directed at the Snehidhi members.