The Centre for Women's Development and Research (CWDR) organized women domestic workers into a Trade Union, "Manushi", which works for the rights of women domestic workers through advocacy and campaign activities. Initiated through our education and motivation for domestic workers, Manushi, now hosting nearly 3000 members, first registered as a Trade union in 2005.

Manushi provides education on both women’s and worker's rights for it's members; training to up skill women domestic workers; and functions as a job placement agency. Manushi is also running catering services, and the production and marketing of soap and cleaning solutions.

Mansushi is involved in advocacy, lobbying, and campaigning in order to regulate domestic work. Manushi helps it's members to become registered members of the Tamil Nadu Domestic Workers Welfare Board. In 2008, Manushi initiated a state-level network, expanding to other districts of Tamil Nadu.

Manushi maintains a Tamil website and services such as counselling, legal aid, and conflict resolution are provided to it's members.

Manushi members have provided leadership in the struggle to achieve adequate recognition for the work of domestic workers, actively advocating for government regulation of domestic work and the creation of a welfare board for domestic workers.